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WhatsApp on iOS can make stickers without leaving the application, here’s how

WhatsApp users can create stickers in the WhatsApp application without additional applications. This feature makes it very easy for users to turn photos into stickers directly.

This was announced by WhatsApp on its Instagram page, as quote by Tech Viral on Saturday (13/1/2023). However, this feature is only available for WA users on iOS.

“Exciting news! You can now turn your photos into stickers or edit existing stickers. You may have to show the entire chat group how you do it. Try it now on iOS,” WA wrote in its upload.

Not only does WhatsApp create stickers directly from the application, it also embeds editing features in the application. Users can edit existing stickers in the WhatsApp application.

This feature makes users, especially on iOS, not dependent on other applications. Users can also directly share stickers that have been created or edited to other users.

How to Create Stickers Directly on WhatsApp on iOS

This feature can only be run by iOS users, the method is quite easy as follows:

1.Click the sticker icon in the chat room

2.Click ‘+’ to enter the sticker creation menu

3.Select the image that will be used as a sticker

4.Edit the image as you wish and save it as a sticker

5.Send stickers to other contacts

How to Edit Stickers Directly in WA on iOS

1.Click the sticker icon in the chat room

2.Select the sticker you want to edit by pressing it then selecting the ‘Edit Sticker’ option

3.Edit stickers as you wish

4.Send stickers to other contacts

Wonderful! iPhone 12 Still Alive After 3 Months Drowning in River

A diver in California, United States found an iPhone 12 that had sunk while cleaning in a river. Miraculously the iPhone 12 was still alive after spending three months at the bottom of the river.

The diver named Lee found the iPhone 12 while cleaning the Stanislaus River on November 10. The iPhone 12 was found among rocks and was covered in algae

Lee took the iPhone 12 home to be cleaned, and he left it to dry for several days. On November 16, Lee managed to activate the iPhone after connecting it to a charger.

The iPhone apparently did not have a passcode, and Lee was able to unlock it to see information such as the last photo taken and contacts. The last content in the Photos application is a video taken at the river where the cellphone was found.

The video was taken on September 4, which indicates that the iPhone 12 had been submerged in the river for three months, as quoted by Apple Insider, Monday (25/12/2023).

Lee has not succeeded in finding the owner of the iPhone . However, he had planned to contact several numbers on the cellphone’s contact list.

The iPhone 12 itself has IP68 certification, which means this cellphone can be immersed under water to a depth of six meters for 30 minutes. However, in some cases iPhones and other waterproof cellphones can last longer in water due to several factors.

Water and dust can be prevented from entering the internal parts of the iPhone with the help of gaskets. So as long as the gasket is not damaged, the iPhone will not be seriously damaged even if it is submerged under water for a long time.

The gasket on an iPhone can be damaged by dropping it, being repeatedly submerged in water, or being exposed to steam. So it’s best not to drown the cellphone on purpose because it’s not certain that the gasket is still in perfect condition.

WhatsApp users will be able to listen to music together during video calls

Video calls using WhatsApp are commonplace. Now WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows users to listen to music together during video calls.

WABetaInfo reports this new feature is being developed by WhatsApp and was found in the WhatsApp beta application for Android version Previously, this feature was also found in WhatsApp beta for iOS version

From the screenshot uploaded by WABetaInfo, this new feature developed by WhatsApp allows all video call participants to listen to video and audio music together when a participant activates the share screen feature.

Not only that, from the WhatsApp description, all audio played on the device that is sharing the screen will be shared with other people participating in the video call.

The screen sharing feature itself has been available in the WhatsApp application for several months. This feature allows users to share the contents of their screen during a video call, similar to screen sharing on Zoom or Google Meet.

WABetaInfo emphasized that the feature of listening to music together does not apply to voice calls or video calls where video is not activated, as quoted from WABetaInfo, Wednesday (20/12/2023).

According to WABetaInfo, this new feature has several benefits. One of them allows users to collaborate and discuss while listening to video and audio music together.

Currently the feature for listening to audio during video calls on WhatsApp is still in the development stage. Before being released to all users, this feature will be available to beta testers first.

WhatsApp itself has launched many new features in the last few months. Not long ago, Meta’s messenger application released a message pin feature in chat and locked messages using a secret code.

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