A diver in California, United States found an iPhone 12 that had sunk while cleaning in a river. Miraculously the iPhone 12 was still alive after spending three months at the bottom of the river.

The diver named Lee found the iPhone 12 while cleaning the Stanislaus River on November 10. The iPhone 12 was found among rocks and was covered in algae

Lee took the iPhone 12 home to be cleaned, and he left it to dry for several days. On November 16, Lee managed to activate the iPhone after connecting it to a charger.

The iPhone apparently did not have a passcode, and Lee was able to unlock it to see information such as the last photo taken and contacts. The last content in the Photos application is a video taken at the river where the cellphone was found.

The video was taken on September 4, which indicates that the iPhone 12 had been submerged in the river for three months, as quoted by Apple Insider, Monday (25/12/2023).

Lee has not succeeded in finding the owner of the iPhone . However, he had planned to contact several numbers on the cellphone’s contact list.

The iPhone 12 itself has IP68 certification, which means this cellphone can be immersed under water to a depth of six meters for 30 minutes. However, in some cases iPhones and other waterproof cellphones can last longer in water due to several factors.

Water and dust can be prevented from entering the internal parts of the iPhone with the help of gaskets. So as long as the gasket is not damaged, the iPhone will not be seriously damaged even if it is submerged under water for a long time.

The gasket on an iPhone can be damaged by dropping it, being repeatedly submerged in water, or being exposed to steam. So it’s best not to drown the cellphone on purpose because it’s not certain that the gasket is still in perfect condition.

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