Apple added a new feature in iOS 17.3 called Stolen Device Protection. The presence of this feature will make iPhone thieves cry.

This is because the Stolen Device Protection feature provides an additional layer of security. This makes it difficult for thieves to tamper with stolen iPhones and passcodes.

“As threats to users’ devices continue to evolve, we are working tirelessly to develop strong new protections for our users and their data,” an Apple spokesperson said in a statement quoted by TechViral.

“iPhone data encryption has long led the industry, and thieves cannot access data on a stolen iPhone without knowing the user’s passcode. In the rare case that a thief can observe a user entering a passcode and then steal the device, Stolen Device Protection adds advanced new layer of protection.”

Ways of working  Apple iOS 17.3

Apple essentially requires every iPhone user to enter a four-digit or six-digit passcode when the device is set up. All security features, including FaceID, are tied to that passcode.

So anyone with the stolen device and passcode can take full control of the phone. Well Stolen Device Protection aims to eliminate the common practice among iPhone thieves in public places of seeing users enter their passcode before grabbing the device and running away.

In cases like this, the perpetrator can reset the owner’s Apple ID password, turn off Find My, add a recovery key, and factory reset the phone for resale before the victim can do anything.

Once Stolen Device Protection is activated, the cellphone will request a Face ID or Touch ID scan if the user is far from a familiar location such as home or work.

It also requires a one-hour delay before changing the Apple ID password on the device. After that hour, it will still ask for a Face ID or Touch ID Scan before changing the Apple ID password from the iPhone.

All these processes certainly make life more difficult for thieves. Meanwhile, on the other hand, this gives the owner time to report the iPhone as stolen, so that the perpetrator cannot be caught.

The Stolen Device Protection feature can now be tried on iOS 17.3 Beta. To activate it, the steps are as follows:

1.Open Settings

2.Press the Face ID & Passcode option

3.Select Stolen Device Protection