Huawei apparently does not fully use chips made by SMIC from China, because their new laptop uses chips made by TSMC from Taiwan. How come?

The use of this TSMC chip was discovered after the Qingyun L540 — Huawei’s newest laptop — was disassembled by TechInsights. Inside the laptop there is a 5nm chip made by TSMC, namely the Kirin 9006C.

However, interestingly, this chip is not a new chip, but a chip made by TSMC in 2020. At that time, the US government had just implemented regulations that prevented Huawei from using chips with the latest technology.

This finding dismisses speculation that SMIC can already produce chips with the latest technology, not just 7nm chips made using old technology, as quoted by Tech viral from Bloomberg, Tuesday (9/1/2024).

Kirin 9006C is a processor made by TSMC using 5nm fabrication, and production in Q3 2020. Meanwhile, Qingyuan L540 was released in early December 2023 for the Chinese market.

Initially, this laptop gave rise to rumors that SMIC could already produce 5nm chips using contemporary technology. However, this rumor was ultimately not proven because the chip was made by TSMC.

The use of 5nm chips made in 2020 raises the assumption that Huawei is using chips from TSMC which they had stockpiled before being banned by the US government.

Previously, Huawei caused a stir after they released the Mate 60 Pro which uses a 7nm 5G chip made by SMIC, a chip manufacturing company from Shanghai, China.

This cellphone is said to be only a few years behind the technology in the newest cellphones. In fact, this is what the US government is trying to avoid through various prohibition regulations.