Instagram has revealed a new feature targeted at teen users. So when teenage users scroll Instagram for more than 10 minutes, Meta’s platform will suggest that they close the application and go to sleep.

Is a Nighttime Nudges feature, this will automatically appear on teenage user accounts. Instagram says the i feature is to give teens who haven’t used features like Take a Break reminders to close the app at night.

“We want teenagers to leave Instagram feeling that the time they spend on this application is meaningful and intentional, and we know that sleep is very important for young people,” said Instagram as reported by TechViral from Engadget, Friday (19/1/ 2024).

Instagram says this feature cannot be disabled but also does not explain whether this feature is activated for all teenagers or only teenagers under 18 years old.

This new feature follows others Instagram has rolled out to help teens and their parents manage time spent on the app. Along with the Take a Break feature and parental controls, it also includes Quiet Mode.

The latter feature allows teens to mute notifications, automatically reply to messages, and let their friends and followers know that they’re inactive and doing something else, like studying or sleeping.