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As a result of layoffs, Google will eliminate 17 assistant features

Google Assistant will lose 17 rarely used features. Google said these features were removed so they could focus on improving the quality of Assistant in the future.

In its announcement, Google said starting January 26 when users enable one of the features being removed, they will receive a notification saying that feature is being removed. Most of these features will be removed on February 26.

The news about the elimination of dozens of Assistant features came after Google laid off around a thousand employees in a number of divisions, including employees in the Google Assistant division.

The removed features will impact the Assistant on mobile devices, smartwatches, and smart speaker/display devices. For some features, They offers alternatives to replace the missing features. But there are some features that are omitted completely, such as integration of the Calm meditation service.

Some of the features that are removed include the option to send video emails or audio messages using voice. Assistant users will also not be able to use their voice to make payments, make reservations, or post to social media.

Google also changed the function of the microphone icon in the app and Search bar. Now users who tap the icon will only get a response in the form of search results in Search.

This means that Assistant users can no longer tap the microphone icon in the application or the Search bar to give commands such as turning on lights or sending messages, as quoted from Tech Viral, Saturday (13/1/2024).

Google says this change also applies to Pixel devices as the microphone in the Pixel’s Search bar will call up Voice Search and not Assistant. A complete list of 17 Assistant features that Google has removed can be seen on the following page.

Tecno Spark 20 and 20C for sale January 3 2024, cheap prices

Tecno immediately stepped on the gas in early 2024 by releasing two new cellphones on the Indonesian market. There is the Tecno Spark 20 and Spark 20C, both of which will be on sale starting January 3 at low prices.

“These two products are the beginning of the Spark 20 series in Indonesia, because later the Spark 20 Pro Series will also be available, consisting of the Spark 20 Pro and Spark 20 Pro+ which will receive significant upgrades to entry level products, including in the camera sector,” said Anthoni Roderick as Public Relations Manager of Tecno Indonesia.

Spark 20 and 20C prioritize the DTS Double Speaker feature which is claimed to be present for the first time in the entry level class. Promises clear sound output, up to 400% louder and of higher quality than its predecessor.

“Supports a more perfect multimedia experience, such as listening to music outdoors or indoors, watching movies, playing games and other audio playing activities,” said Erick.

Both cellphones are equipped with a 50 MP main camera feature on the back accompanied by an AI Cam. Meanwhile on the front there is a 32 MP camera equipped with ambient flash selfie 3 light modes, providing light options such as cool, natural and warm atmospheres, making selfie photos even more ideal according to the desired atmosphere.

All Tecno Spark 20 Series variants are equipped with NFC which is ready to facilitate the needs of users who want to top up money.
electronic. Other specifications will be revealed on launch day.

Tecno sells cellphones for under one million

Likewise, Tecno Indonesia has revealed an overview of the prices of its two new cellphones. The price for the Tecno Spark 20 is under IDR 1.8 million.

Meanwhile, the Tecno Spark 20C will be sold at a promo price of IDR 999,000. Both will be sold exclusively at the official Tecno store on Shopee.

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