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Foldable smartphones are predicted to become increasingly popular in 2024

Folding cellphones are now increasingly popular with the wider public. It is predicted that in 2024, the trend of foldable smartphones will continue to increase.

From a report made by TechViral, as seen on Sunday (25/2/2024), in 2023, global foldable phone shipments will reach 15.9 million units, marking an increase of 25% YoY (years on years) and covering around 1.4% of the entire smartphone market.

In 2024 deliveries are expected to increase to around 17.7 million units, growing by 11% and increasing market share slightly to 1.5%. But this growth rate is still below market expectations with the segment expected to only exceed 2% by 2025.

There are two factors that could cause the slowdown in the growth of this folding cellphone. Firstly, due to the low durability of folding cellphones, this is what causes a lack of user trust in the product. Then, the second factor is the price which is still not in line with the majority of consumers’ pockets.

Techviral said the future of the foldable cellphone market is influenced by the pace of cost optimization. Key components such as UTGs and hinges can be mass produced after being standardized, thereby reducing costs significantly.

Additionally, increased shipments of folding panels by Chinese panel manufacturers offer price advantages over Korean suppliers. It is expected to further reduce the price of foldable phones, this will allow brands to lower selling prices and choose to accelerate the rate of market penetration.

Samsung Leads the Market, Huawei is a Serious Competitor

Samsung is still the market leader even though their market share dropped from 80% in 2022 to under 70% the following year, while Huawei’s shipments increased to 12%. Brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are still below 10%.

Looking ahead to 2024, Samsung is determined to maintain its foldable cellphone market share at around 60%, similar to their target in 2023. In contrast to Huawei, which is aggressively increasing its foldable cellphone shipments with a target of market share exceeding 20%.

Specifically, Oppo and Vivo have indicated that they are postponing plans to launch a smaller, vertically foldable device this year. Both chose to channel their efforts into larger, horizontally foldable models due to concerns that too high costs would impact their bottom line.

On the other hand, Huawei is on track to launch a small vertical foldable device that has 5G capabilities, this will be their debut in the compact foldable device sector and will enter the competition this year.

Although many smartphone brands have jumped into the foldable phone arena, one brand that is absent is Apple. They have not officially announced their plans for a foldable phone, although there are reports that Apple is assessing key components for a foldable device, including requesting samples and testing for panels and hinges.

TrendForce assesses that this information is still not certain that Apple will start developing their foldable cellphone products. Despite this, Apple’s potential entry into the foldable cellphone market could stimulate significant market growth.

iPhone sales in China have dropped drastically, eroded by Huawei and Xiaomi

Apple’s business in China is not doing well, as seen from iPhone sales which fell by more than 30% year over year in the first week of January 2024.

This data was released by Jefferies analysts who also said that Apple’s competitors such as Huawei and Xiaomi remained strong with sales that did not decline, as quoted by Tech Viral from Cnbc, Tuesday (9/4/2024).

Jefferies analysts also predict that iPhone sales in China will fall by double digits during 2024. In fact, they also predict that Apple will experience higher revenue pressure this year.

This Jefferies analyst report reinforces other reports which also say that Apple’s business will not be fine in early 2024. As previously reported, Apple shares slipped 4% due to sluggish sales of the iPhone 15, especially in China.

Barclays analyst Tim Long said that not only iPhone sales were sluggish, but also other Apple products. According to him, when the iPhone 16 is released it will not help boost Apple’s sales, because according to him the iPhone 16 will lack a big breakthrough.

The sluggishness of Apple’s business is inversely proportional to Huawei’s cellphone business, whose market share increased by 6% year over year. Meanwhile, Apple’s market share actually fell 4% year over year.

“As we discussed last week, the iPhone market share declining YoY in China is a negative surprise, we believe this cannibalization comes not only from HW (Huawei-ed) but from Xiaomi and others,” said Jefferies analysts in a note to investors. .

This analysis is strengthened by Apple’s insistence on providing discounts for iPhones in China. According to Jefferies analysts, this step was taken by Apple to maintain its market share in China. The products with bigger discounts are a number of iPhone 14 models, while other products that are already discounted also receive bigger price cuts.

Tecno Spark 20 and 20C for sale January 3 2024, cheap prices

Tecno immediately stepped on the gas in early 2024 by releasing two new cellphones on the Indonesian market. There is the Tecno Spark 20 and Spark 20C, both of which will be on sale starting January 3 at low prices.

“These two products are the beginning of the Spark 20 series in Indonesia, because later the Spark 20 Pro Series will also be available, consisting of the Spark 20 Pro and Spark 20 Pro+ which will receive significant upgrades to entry level products, including in the camera sector,” said Anthoni Roderick as Public Relations Manager of Tecno Indonesia.

Spark 20 and 20C prioritize the DTS Double Speaker feature which is claimed to be present for the first time in the entry level class. Promises clear sound output, up to 400% louder and of higher quality than its predecessor.

“Supports a more perfect multimedia experience, such as listening to music outdoors or indoors, watching movies, playing games and other audio playing activities,” said Erick.

Both cellphones are equipped with a 50 MP main camera feature on the back accompanied by an AI Cam. Meanwhile on the front there is a 32 MP camera equipped with ambient flash selfie 3 light modes, providing light options such as cool, natural and warm atmospheres, making selfie photos even more ideal according to the desired atmosphere.

All Tecno Spark 20 Series variants are equipped with NFC which is ready to facilitate the needs of users who want to top up money.
electronic. Other specifications will be revealed on launch day.

Tecno sells cellphones for under one million

Likewise, Tecno Indonesia has revealed an overview of the prices of its two new cellphones. The price for the Tecno Spark 20 is under IDR 1.8 million.

Meanwhile, the Tecno Spark 20C will be sold at a promo price of IDR 999,000. Both will be sold exclusively at the official Tecno store on Shopee.

These are 5 smartphones that will become trends in 2024

Next year’s smartphones industry will be characterized by several sophisticated smartphones lines from various brands. Starting from breakthrough innovations from the Android smartphone brand to the iPhone from Apple.

The midrange to premium smartphone segmentation will also be filled with new lines. In Indonesia, according to Counterpoint Research, people also tend to be more willing to buy premium smartphones.

Below Tech Viral summarizes several smartphones that will appear in 2024. Here are also several leaks about the smartphones that will be released. Hopefully everyone will enter Indonesia.

Google Pixel 9

This smartphone using the ‘pure’ Android operating system is rumored to be released following the Google Pixel 8 which was released this year. If we refer to the Google Pixel 8 release schedule, this smartphone is likely to be released in October 2024.

Several leaks about this smartphone say that the Google Pixel 9 will carry a SOC made by Samsung, namely Tensor G4.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Fold 6

This foldable smartphone from Samsung will also be continued with its 6th generation in 2024. According to leaks, the Z Flip and Fold 6 will later feature improvements to the cover screen.

Some of the technologies that will be introduced will also make the Z Flip and Fold 6 batteries feel more efficient.

iPhone 16

Several rumors say that the iPhone 16 series will be released in September or October 2024. Later, the iPhone 16 will bring better battery performance. The iPhone 16 is also rumored to have a very thin screen on the bezel.

Samsung Galaxy S24

The Samsung Galaxy S24 family will also be released in early 2024. Later, this smartphone will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) in its default version. This smartphone is also touted as an AI Phone.

Xiaomi 14

The model number for the Xiaomi 14 has been registered in the TKDN terms on the Ministry of Industry website. The new thing about this smartphone is the presence of a new operating system, namely Hyper OS.

There are also several rumors that this smartphone camera will still carry a collaboration with Leica. Xiaomi 14 is predicted to launch in early 2014.

List of 10 Fastest Middle Class Android Phones Antutu Version November 2023

AnTuTU has just released a list of the 10 fastest mid-range Android smartphones as of November 2023. There are Redmi to Oppo.

This benchmark platform from Beijing, China is famous for its measurement results in comparing smartphone performance. From middle to high class cellphones, AnTuTu has provided data every month regarding the fastest smartphones.

The month of November has just ended, AnTuTu has released a list of the 10 fastest Android smartphones in November. This data shows that Realme is in first place with its GTNeo5 SE series which got a benchmark score of 1154600.

Oppo, a smartphone brand from China which was born 14 years before Realme, is in last place with a score of 886356 in its Reno9 Pro 5G series.

It is known that the Realme GT Neo5 SE is powered by the same Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen2 chipset as the Redmi Note 12 Turbo. Moreover, they have the same memory configuration, namely 16GB + 1024 GB. The score of the Redmi series itself is 2,275 below the first place, so it is ranked second on AnTuTu’s list of the fastest mid-range smartphones.

Previously, the Realme GT Neo5 SE had received the same ranking in October as the fastest mid-range Android smartphone according to AnTuTu. This makes the Realme series successful in maintaining a sparkling ranking for two months in a row.

Several brands have also experienced cases of smartphones with the same chipset. As a result, they are ranked with a difference that is not much different. For example, the OnePlus Ace Racing and Oppo Reno9 Pro 5G are powered by the Mediatek Dimensity 8100-Max chipset with different memory configurations, the OnePlus device is 12GB+256GB, while the Oppo device is 16GB+256GB. Each is ranked 8th and 10th with an AnTuTu benchmark score difference of 3,560.

Vivo in the S17 Pro series was ranked 4th with an AnTuTu benchmark score of 951223. This smartphone, which is powered by the Mediatek Dimensity 8200 chipset, has a 12GB+512GB memory configuration.

Information Of 10 Fastest Android Phone

Furthermore, here is a list of the 10 fastest mid-range Android smartphones according to AnTuTu:

1.Realme GT Neo5 SE: Snapdragon7+Gen2 chipset with 16GB+1024 GB memory (1154600)

2.Redmi Note 12 Turbo: Snapdragon7+Gen2 chipset with 16GB+1024 GB memory (1152325)

3.iQOO Z8: Mediatek Dimensity 8200 chipset with 12GB+512GB memory (962629)

4.Vivo S17 Pro: Mediatek Dimensity 8200 chipset with 12GB+512GB memory (951223)

5.iQOO Neo7 SE: Mediatek Dimensity 8200 chipset with 12GB+512 GB memory (950981)

6.Xiaomi Civi 3: Mediatek Dimensity 8200-Ultra chipset with 12GB+256GB memory (892704)

7.Redmi K60E: Mediatek Dimensity 8200 chipset with 12GB+512GB memory (891175)

8.OnePlus Ace Racing: Mediatek Dimensity 8100-Max chipset with 12GB+256GB memory (889916)

9.Redmi Note12T Pro: Mediatek Dimensity 8200 Ultra chipset with 8GB+256GB memory (888496)

10.Oppo Reno9 Pro 5G: Mediatek Dimensity 8100-Max chipset with 16GB+256GB memory (886356).

Galaxy S25 Reportedly Will Abandon Samsung Camera Sensor

Samsung has always used its ISOCELL sensor for the main camera of the Galaxy S series. But next year it looks like that trend will change.

According to a leak from tipster Tech_Reve, Samsung will reportedly abandon the ISOCELL sensor for the main camera of the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+. Instead, they will use a camera sensor from Sony.

Samsung has increased the capabilities of the Galaxy S22’s main camera from 12 MP to 50 MP using the ISOCELL GN3 sensor. The same sensor is also used in the Galaxy S23, and will be used by the Galaxy S24.

It is not yet known what Sony sensors the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+ will use. It is not impossible that the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+ will use a camera sensor that is larger than the ISOCELL GN3.

But that doesn’t mean the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+ will use the 1 inch Sony IMX989 sensor. Sony itself has an IMX890/LYT-700 sensor which is similar in size to the ISOCELL GN3.

Information Of  Samsung S25

Tech_Reve does not provide information regarding the Galaxy S25 Ultra’s main camera. Considering that Sony does not offer a 200 MP camera sensor, it is likely that Samsung will still use its own camera sensor for the main camera of the Galaxy S25 Ultra.

In a separate tweet on Twitter/X, Tech_Reve once claimed that Samsung was developing a 1 inch ISOCELL camera sensor with 0.8 µm pixels, dual-pixel autofocus, and crop zoom in the sensor. However, the model number of this camera sensor is not revealed, as quoted from SamMobile (5/12/2023).

Keep in mind that these are just early rumors that have not been confirmed by Samsung. The launch of the Galaxy S25 series is still more than a year away, so there will likely still be many changes.

Samsung itself is preparing to launch the Galaxy S24 series which will reportedly be introduced in mid-January 2024. The specifications of the three cellphones in this line have been leaked, which indicates that the camera capabilities have not changed much compared to the Galaxy S23 series.

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