Twitch has just released new rules regarding sexual content. This stems from the popularity of meta topless, which has suddenly gone viral on the platform.

The live streaming activity, which showed almost the entire chest area, certainly received a negative reaction from the audience. So many of them are wondering about Twitch’s views and the rules they apply.

“We received feedback that our policies around sexual content were unclear, so we’ve set clearer boundaries between what is and isn’t permitted on Twitch,” Twitch wrote.

They clarified some major changes. One of them is that now content that deliberately highlights the breasts, buttocks or pelvic area (when wearing clothing) is allowed, as long as it is labeled appropriately.

According to him, accurate content labeling can help viewers have a more satisfying viewing experience. Therefore, now they will activate labeling according to sexual content using the Content Classification Labels (CCL) system.

“We believe that some of the restrictions in our previous policy are no longer necessary. In addition to providing clarity, this update will also reduce the risk of inconsistent enforcement,” Twitch said.

Twitch said that they will now allow the following content, as long as it is “properly labeled”, as compiled Tech Viral from IGN, Friday (15/12/2023).

Some of the restrictions in our previous policy are no longer necessary in Twitch

1.Content that deliberately emphasizes breasts, buttocks, or the pelvic area

2.Fictional works (drawn, animated, or sculpted) depicting female breasts and/or genitals or buttocks in their entirety, regardless of gender

3.Bodywriting on breasts and/or buttocks featuring women regardless of gender

4.An erotic dance involving disrobing or disrobing movements, such as a striptease

5.Popular dances, such as twerking, grinding and pole dancing are now allowed without labels

As explained, this change was motivated by topless content which was currently popular. This content went viral because it was done by a Twitch streamer named Morgpie, who is also a creator on OnlyFans.

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