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Official! WhatsApp Users Can No Longer Take Screenshots of Profile Photos

In February 2024, WhatsApp tested a new privacy feature in the beta version to help protect user profile photos from criminal acts.

Now this feature has been officially rolled out to the regular version of WhatsApp, namely the ability to prevent users from taking screenshots or screenshots of profile photos.

This will provide better security for users and greater control over who can access their content.

In beta testing, attempts to take a screenshot would give a black screen along with the words ‘unable to take screenshot due to app restrictions.

Now on the stable version of WhatsApp, users who want to make this effort will get the same message.

When TechViral tries to take a screenshot of the profile photo, WhatsApp does not display a black screen but still gives a pop-up saying ‘This application does not allow screenshots’

We also noted that while we couldn’t screenshot individual profile pictures, when we tried to take a profile picture in a group chat, WhatsApp still allowed it to be taken. However, to take profile photos of each member of the WhatsApp group, permission is not given.

While this feature was launched, there is no further detailed information such as whether this feature is optional or not so there is no way to disable it if users still allow other people to take screenshots of their profile picture.

This is not the first feature to help protect user privacy on WhatsApp, previously there were options such as changing profile photo privacy settings, one-view media, and status privacy settings.

However, this is a step forward in helping provide users with a more secure messaging app, and it’s likely that more users will start seeing this feature on their devices in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp Will Sync Locked Chats Across Devices

The WhatsApp messaging platform, which has many users, is now reportedly working on a new security feature to further strengthen its users’ privacy.

This new feature will synchronize chat keys across all devices connected to the user’s account as reported by TechViral from Gizmochina.

Simply put, if a user decides to lock a conversation on a smartphone, then the lock will also be applied to the same conversation when accessed via WhatsApp on a computer, tablet or other connected device.

This update was first noticed by WABetaInfo, a reliable source for WhatsApp updates. This was discovered in the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android, which is available for download to all registered beta testers via the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp introduced the ability to lock certain chats last year. They then introduced another feature called Secret Lock, which allows users to set a unique password that is different from their device password.

This password hides the locked chat folder, making it invisible to anyone who doesn’t know the code.

However, the downside of this feature is that it is a device-specific setting. This means that these keys must be set separately on each of your computer and mobile devices and are not automatically synced.

The upcoming changes will simplify this process, and automatically expand users’ security options across all platforms where WA is used.

Additionally, WhatsApp recently confirmed that they will allow cross-platform messaging through their platform. This means users will be able to send messages between WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal, and vice versa. However, this feature will likely only be available in Europe.


WhatsApp users will be able to listen to music together during video calls

Video calls using WhatsApp are commonplace. Now WhatsApp is developing a new feature that allows users to listen to music together during video calls.

WABetaInfo reports this new feature is being developed by WhatsApp and was found in the WhatsApp beta application for Android version Previously, this feature was also found in WhatsApp beta for iOS version

From the screenshot uploaded by WABetaInfo, this new feature developed by WhatsApp allows all video call participants to listen to video and audio music together when a participant activates the share screen feature.

Not only that, from the WhatsApp description, all audio played on the device that is sharing the screen will be shared with other people participating in the video call.

The screen sharing feature itself has been available in the WhatsApp application for several months. This feature allows users to share the contents of their screen during a video call, similar to screen sharing on Zoom or Google Meet.

WABetaInfo emphasized that the feature of listening to music together does not apply to voice calls or video calls where video is not activated, as quoted from WABetaInfo, Wednesday (20/12/2023).

According to WABetaInfo, this new feature has several benefits. One of them allows users to collaborate and discuss while listening to video and audio music together.

Currently the feature for listening to audio during video calls on WhatsApp is still in the development stage. Before being released to all users, this feature will be available to beta testers first.

WhatsApp itself has launched many new features in the last few months. Not long ago, Meta’s messenger application released a message pin feature in chat and locked messages using a secret code.

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