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7 Most Searched Types of AI, GPT Chat Beats Google’s AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an industrial sector that has received significant technological development. Several things such as regulations and mobility of web applications or AI applications are factors.

According to data from Writerbuddy, Wednesday (27/12/2023) AI applications and websites had 24 million traffic in the past year. The data was taken from September 2022 to August 2023. The data also highlights 50 Artificial intelligence websites from various sectors that are very frequently visited.

Even Chatbot from Open AI, namely ChatGPT, has a greater number of visits than AI Writing from Google, namely Google Bard. Here TechViral presents some of the most visited sectors on 50 Artificial intelligence websites and applications:

Best Selling Sector Artificial Intelligence Website

Image Creator (14 Websites)

AI in the image creation sector is the most visited sector when people try Artificial intelligence features. Some examples of Artificial intelligence websites in this sector are Midjourney.

AI Chatbot (8 Websites)

Chatbots are also one of the most visited AI when people are first curious about Artificial intelligence. In fact, currently the Artificial intelligence ​​that gets the most visits is Chat GPT from Open AI which is an Artificial intelligence Chatbot.

AI Writing (7 Websites)

Apart from Chatbots and Image Creators, Artificial intelligence Writing is a quite busy sector. In this sector, there is Artificial intelligence from Google, namely Google Bard.

Video Generator (5 Websites)

Artificial intelligence with Video Generator capabilities is also widely used, especially among video editors. The most visited application and website from this Artificial intelligence sector is CapCut.

Voice and Music (5 Websites)

Apart from the sectors above, the Voice and Music sector is one of the sectors with the most visits. Some use Artificial intelligence in this sector to clarify audio quality, one of the most visited websites in this sector is Vocal Remover.

Design (4 Websites)

Artificial intelligence Design is also the sector that has the most visits. The most visited website from this sector is Hotpot Artificial intelligence.

Others (7 Websites)

Of the 50 Artificial intelligence sectors in various sectors, the sectors that are also the Artificial intelligence ​​most visited are the Artificial intelligence ​​Recruiter, Data Science and Background Removal sectors which are often used by many people.

So Samsung’s new breakthrough, these are the benefits of AI technology for everyday use

Recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic of discussion. Whether in everyday life or social media, AI is now increasingly recognized by the public and its benefits are felt.

This is in line with the presence of AI which is designed to imitate human intelligence so that it can make work easier. Therefore, it is not surprising that its presence is to study patterns of human intelligence in completing tasks in sector lines.

Not wanting to be left behind by the AI ​​trend and wanting to continue to help people’s productivity, Samsung is here to bring Galaxy AI which will be available early next year.

Galaxy AI itself is a combination of On-device AI developed by Samsung and cloud-based AI. With this development, AI is directly available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones without third-party applications.

The presence of Galaxy AI and cloud-based AI is said to make the experience of using a smartphone easier to use in everyday life. Apart from that, this capability can also maintain the security and privacy that will be obtained from the Galaxy.

“Galaxy AI is our most comprehensive intelligent offering to date, and it will change the way we think about mobile phones forever,” said EVP and Head of R&D, Mobile eXperience Business Samsung Wonjoon Choi in a written statement, Thursday (21/12/2023 ).

One of the features that can make users easier and more productive is the sophisticated AI Live Translate Call feature.

This feature is present in the telephone application on Galaxy cellphones and acts as a personal translator for users of the latest cellphones equipped with Galaxy AI. Interestingly, this feature can be used by users at any time.

AI Live Translate Call will work by reading and processing voice so that audio and text will appear in real-time when the user speaks. That way, when a user calls someone using another language, audio and text translations will appear in real time as easily as turning on captions while watching a stream.

In the Live Translate Call feature, audio and text translations will appear in real time as the user speaks so calling someone who speaks another language is as easy as turning on captions when watching a video stream.

This will support productivity through technology, thereby shifting the way you enjoy entertainment and how you communicate, thus providing more space to hone your creativity and be creative. Therefore, let’s look forward to the convenience of Galaxy AI and feel its benefits for daily productivity.

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