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Shock! Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Ring Smart Ring

Samsung has long marketed smartwatches and wearable devices. However, at the end of the Unpacked event which launched the Galaxy S24, a glimpse of Samsung’s next wearable device product, namely the Galaxy Ring, was shown.

This Galaxy Ring looks like a ring. In fact, smart rings are nothing new, but they are not as popular as smart watches. The Oura ring, for example, is a favorite of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and the Evie smart ring from Movano was designed with women’s health in mind,

From the information provided, the Galaxy Ring seems to be one part of Samsung’s strategy to create a network of devices that can provide information to the Samsung Health application, for a more complete picture of user habits.

At first glance, the Galaxy Ring looks like ordinary jewelry, until you look at the tiny sensors and electronics inside. Digital Health Samsung Research, Matthew Wiggins said that the Galaxy Ring is a smart ring that is equipped with various features commonly found in the Samsung Health application.

The Next Gen Of Galaxy Samsung

“This is the Galaxy Ring, a device we created for a better life, as well as a device to access various Samsung-style health features in the future,” added Wiggins.

There’s still a lot that’s unknown about the Ring, like when it will launch, how much it will cost, what type of sensor it will have, and what health metrics it will collect. But the Ring is another means for Samsung to carry out its health strategy.

The ring is circular and black. Since it is a smart wearable device, it will likely be able to track a number of health metrics just like a typical wearable device. And because it doesn’t have a screen, its battery life should be better than a smartwatch.

Rumor has it that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will come with a new, lighter design

Leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 have been circulating even though the launch is still a long way off. The latest rumors say the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will have a new design and a lighter body.

This rumor comes from a post on Naver which is claimed to come from an internal Samsung source. They claim that Samsung will change the aspect ratio of the cover screen and main screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Samsung has reportedly developed a prototype device with the code Q6 which has a screen with a different aspect ratio. Samsung is said to have tested several concepts, but the design chosen as a prototype has a different aspect ratio compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

So far, the cover screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 has a narrower aspect ratio than conventional cellphones. Unfortunately, this rumor does not say whether the aspect ratio will be wider than the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or not.

Samsung is also reportedly going to make the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 lighter than its predecessor. Apart from that, this South Korean vendor will also reduce the crease marks on the main screen, as quoted from SamMobile, Saturday (9/12/2023).

Information Of Z Fold 6

Not only the Galaxy Z Fold 6, it is also rumored that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will undergo design changes. Reportedly, the bezel on the main screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will be thinner than the previous version.

The size of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 cover screen is also claimed to be larger. This rumor is in line with information leaked by analyst Ross Young some time ago which claimed that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will have a 3.9 inch cover screen.

If you look at the launch schedule from previous years, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 are likely to be released in July-August 2024. This rumor is likely only initial information that could change closer to launch day.

Samsung itself is currently preparing to launch the Galaxy S24 series. The latest flagship cellphone series from Samsung is rumored to be released in mid-January 2024.

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