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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra was photographed from outer space, this is the result

Samsung shows off the capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra camera in a unique way. The latest flagship cellphone from Samsung was flown into the stratosphere to take photos from extreme heights.

Techviral reports Samsung installed four Galaxy S24 Ultras into specially designed carbon fiber cages, which were then placed in four different helium-powered balloons.

These balloons were flown from the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains to capture the diverse landscape of the west coast of the United States.

The balloons carried the Galaxy S24 Ultra to a height of 120,000 feet or around 36 km. Technically, the Galaxy S24 Ultra does not reach outer space, the limit of which is 100 km, but the distance reached is quite high because you can already see the curvature or curvature of the Earth.

The hydrogen that powered the balloons gradually ran out, and after a few days the four Galaxy S24 Ultra slowly descended to Earth with the help of a parachute, as quoted from Android Authority, Thursday (7/3/2024).

Currently, The Samsung Galaxy S24 Cellphone Camera Is The Best

During several days in the stratosphere, the Galaxy S24 Ultra took more than 150 photos using the ultrawide camera and main camera at 1x, 3x and 5x zoom. The resulting photos can be seen below:

The Galaxy S24 Ultra camera managed to clearly capture the darkness of outer space and the curvature of the Earth. This cellphone can also take photos of various geographic features on the Earth’s surface, such as rivers, canyons and snow-covered mountains.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the most expensive and most sophisticated cellphone in the latest Galaxy S line. This cellphone is equipped with a 200 MP main camera and optical zoom of up to 5x.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra also supports Space Zoom 100x which has been part of the Galaxy S line since it was first introduced on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. If this feature is usually used to photograph the Moon, this time the Galaxy S24 Ultra was used to photograph the Earth from a height.

The Samsung Galaxy S Ultra camera will be even more sophisticated, here’s the leak

Samsung will only launch the Galaxy S24 series in early 2024. However, leaked specifications for the Galaxy S Ultra for the next few years have begun to be revealed.

This leak comes from tipster Tech_Reve in his post on Twitter/X. He shared a leak of the camera roadmap for the Galaxy S Ultra, up to the Galaxy S26 Ultra which will be released in 2026.

Starting from the Galaxy S24 Ultra which will be released next year, Tech_Reve said this cellphone will use a 50 MP periscope telephoto camera with a 0.7µm pixel size. For comparison, the Galaxy S23 Ultra currently has a 10 MP telephoto camera with 1.12µm.

Tech_Reve does not reveal the zoom capabilities of this telephoto lens. Leaks about the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s periscope camera are quite confusing, some claim the optical zoom capability is up to 3x and some claim up to 5x.

best samsung galaxy camera

Switch to the Galaxy S25 Ultra which will be released in two years. Tech_Reve claims this cellphone will get the biggest camera upgrade. The main camera will use a new lens and the ultrawide camera will be increased to 50 MP (up from 12 MP on the Galaxy S23 and S24 Ultra).

In addition, the periscope telephoto camera on the Galaxy S25 Ultra is predicted to support variable zoom. This feature will be a significant upgrade as it will allow the phone to take high-quality photos at various zoom levels.

Samsung will not be the first cellphone vendor to offer this feature on conventional cellphones. This feature has been present on Sony Xperia phones for several generations, with zoom capabilities from 3.5x to 5.2x, as quoted from Android Authority, Tuesday (19/12/2023).

Finally, Tech_Reve claims the Galaxy S26 Ultra will get an upgrade to a 200 MP camera. This main camera is said to use a 1/1.1 inch sensor with 0.7µm.

For comparison, the Galaxy S23 Ultra uses a 200 MP main camera with a sensor measuring 1/1.3 inch and 0.6 µm pixels. This upgrade should improve the camera’s ability to collect light and the quality of the images taken.

Of course, these are all still early leaks, especially for the Galaxy S25 Ultra and Galaxy S26 Ultra. These two phones won’t be launched in a few years and the leaked specifications could change.

The body of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will be more durable

Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy S24 series which is less than a month away. A number of additional details about this line of phones are starting to be revealed, including its rugged design.

Especially for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it is reported that it will come with a more durable design thanks to a titanium frame and a new version of Gorilla Glass. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will be Samsung’s first cellphone to use a titanium body

Tipster Ahmad Qwaider claims the titanium frame on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is 56% tougher than the aluminum armor used on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Samsung S24 More Stronger

Titanium is a material that is stronger than aluminum and lighter than stainless steel. But this new material will not reduce the weight of the Galaxy S24 Ultra because titanium is not lighter than aluminum.

This titanium body will likely only be used on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, so the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ will likely still use an Aluminum Armor frame, as quoted from SamMobile, Monday (18/12/2023).

Apart from the titanium body, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will also use Gorilla Glass Armor to protect the screen. This is a new version of the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 used in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, Qwaider did not reveal how tough this latest Gorilla Glass is.

This new version of Gorilla Glass will protect the Galaxy S24 Ultra screen which uses a Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel with a brightness level of up to 2,600 nits. Previous rumors said the Galaxy S24 Ultra would have a flatter screen than its predecessor.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra will most likely use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. Qwaider claims this cellphone will have a larger vapor chamber cooling system which can keep the chipset temperature 1.9 times cooler than the previous generation.

Samsung is predicted to release the Galaxy S24 series in mid-January 2024 at an event held in San Jose, California. According to rumors circulating, Samsung will not increase the price of the Galaxy S24 series to remain competitive.

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