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This Unique Casing Brings the iPhone a BlackBerry Flavor

The days when the BlackBerry was the dream smartphone are long gone, but perhaps some still miss it. Well, a new case for the iPhone brings one of BlackBerry’s most beloved features, namely a physical keyboard.

It’s called Clicks, created by a company founded by two famous content creators, namely Michael Fisher (MrMobile) and Kevin Michaluk (CrackBerry Kevin). Clicks is basically a physical keyboard for the iPhone.

Clicks can be ordered for USD 139 for the standard iPhone and USD 159 for the larger iPhone. This Clicks keyboard has a bold design. The flagship color, BumbleBee, is bright yellow which contrasts nicely with the black keyboard. The casing is made of silicone to make it easier to insert the iPhone and also easy to hold.

Clicks doesn’t require Bluetooth or batteries to operate, relying solely on iPhone power. Indeed, this iPhone casing makes the device very tall like a remote. The good news, quoted by Tech Viral from CNN, Friday (12/1/2024), is that the button is easy to click and is large enough to be easy to press.

The keyboard position is a bit odd. Users have to slide their hands down slightly to put it on. However, it is likely that users will eventually get used to it.

By using a physical keyboard, users will get more screen space. That’s because when it’s plugged in, iOS knows not to show the virtual keyboard when tapping the typeable area.

Presumably, this case is suitable for those who are big fans of physical keyboards and want one on their iPhone. If you miss the days of texting with a BlackBerry keyboard or aren’t a fan of virtual keyboards, this case might be for you.

Wow! China claims it can break AirDrop encryption on iPhone

The Chinese government claims to have succeeded in finding a way to identify message senders via Apple’s AirDrop feature.

According to the Chinese government, they took this step as part of their efforts to silence the spread of content considered illegal, as quoted by Techviral from Time, Wednesday (10/1/2024).

It is an institute in Beijing, China, that has succeeded in developing a technique to break into encrypted device records on the iPhone. This note contains identification in the form of email and number from the sender of the AirDrop content.

Chinese police have succeeded in identifying a number of suspects using this method, without saying whether these suspects have been arrested or not.

“This increases the efficiency and accuracy of solving cases and avoids the spread of inappropriate content as well as the potential negative effects it causes,” wrote the Chinese government.

For your information, AirDrop is an iPhone feature that activists in various countries usually use to spread their messages. This feature requires a Bluetooth connection, so it requires the user to be in a relatively close position.

One example of its application was during the massive demonstrations in Hong Kong in 2019. Via AirDrop, users can send data in the form of images, documents or videos between Apple devices.

China Controls Apple

AirDrop itself has actually been restricted in China since 2022, precisely after the service was used by demonstrators to distribute images to fellow iPhone users. So far, Apple has not issued a statement regarding the Chinese government breaking AirDrop encryption.

In fact, in 2021, there was a report by security researchers from the Secure Mobile Networking Lab (SEEMOO) and the Cryptography and Privacy Engineering Group (ENCYPTO) at Darmstadt Technical University, Germany, which stated that there was a weakness in the AirDrop feature, namely that it could expose the user’s number and email.

Researchers claim to have reported Apple about the flaw in May 2019. However, Apple is said to have never responded.

“It is possible for hackers to learn the phone numbers and email addresses of AirDrop users. All they need is a Wi-Fi-enabled device and physical proximity to the target who starts the discovery process by opening the sharing panel on the iOS or macOS device,” quoted a Darmstadt Technical University press release.

iPhone sales in China have dropped drastically, eroded by Huawei and Xiaomi

Apple’s business in China is not doing well, as seen from iPhone sales which fell by more than 30% year over year in the first week of January 2024.

This data was released by Jefferies analysts who also said that Apple’s competitors such as Huawei and Xiaomi remained strong with sales that did not decline, as quoted by Tech Viral from Cnbc, Tuesday (9/4/2024).

Jefferies analysts also predict that iPhone sales in China will fall by double digits during 2024. In fact, they also predict that Apple will experience higher revenue pressure this year.

This Jefferies analyst report reinforces other reports which also say that Apple’s business will not be fine in early 2024. As previously reported, Apple shares slipped 4% due to sluggish sales of the iPhone 15, especially in China.

Barclays analyst Tim Long said that not only iPhone sales were sluggish, but also other Apple products. According to him, when the iPhone 16 is released it will not help boost Apple’s sales, because according to him the iPhone 16 will lack a big breakthrough.

The sluggishness of Apple’s business is inversely proportional to Huawei’s cellphone business, whose market share increased by 6% year over year. Meanwhile, Apple’s market share actually fell 4% year over year.

“As we discussed last week, the iPhone market share declining YoY in China is a negative surprise, we believe this cannibalization comes not only from HW (Huawei-ed) but from Xiaomi and others,” said Jefferies analysts in a note to investors. .

This analysis is strengthened by Apple’s insistence on providing discounts for iPhones in China. According to Jefferies analysts, this step was taken by Apple to maintain its market share in China. The products with bigger discounts are a number of iPhone 14 models, while other products that are already discounted also receive bigger price cuts.

Apple Vision Pro Price IDR 54 Million Ready for Sale, Save the Date

After being introduced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June last year, the Apple Vision Pro can finally be ordered. It’s just that this mixed reality headset device has not been purchased globally.

Apple has only sold its newest gadget in the United States. Consumers can pre-order first via Apple’s online store starting January 16.

It wasn’t until February 2 that the Apple Vision Pro was shipped to users. On the same day, the device will be available in Apple Stores throughout Uncle Sam’s country.

The variant being sold has 256 GB internal memory at a price of USD 3,499 or around IDR 54.3 million.

The Vision Pro ships with a Solo Knit Band and a Dual Loop Band, and there’s a Light Seal and two different Light Seal Cushions in the package, as well as a polishing cloth, battery, USB-C, and USB-C cable. adapter.

Apple Vision Not Expensive

Apple provides lens kits for vision correction. There is a Zeiss Optics insert that can magnetically attach to the Vision Pro. Users can get it for USD 99 (Readers) and USD 149 (Prescription).

Apple stated its intention to market the Vision Pro to other countries outside the US. This plan will be implemented at the end of this year.

For your information, Vision Pro is positioned primarily as an AR device. However, users can switch between augmented reality and full virtual reality using the dial. The device is controller-free, and users can browse rows of app icons by looking at them.

Users can tap to select and flick to scroll, and can also give voice commands. Additionally, the headset supports Bluetooth accessories and allows users to connect a Mac for use inside the headset.

Apple’s new device runs VisionOS, which is capable of displaying a three-dimensional interface that frees applications from display boundaries so they can appear side by side at any scale. Apple Vision Pro enables users to be more productive, with unlimited screen space, access to their favorite apps, and new ways to multitask.

Wonderful! iPhone 12 Still Alive After 3 Months Drowning in River

A diver in California, United States found an iPhone 12 that had sunk while cleaning in a river. Miraculously the iPhone 12 was still alive after spending three months at the bottom of the river.

The diver named Lee found the iPhone 12 while cleaning the Stanislaus River on November 10. The iPhone 12 was found among rocks and was covered in algae

Lee took the iPhone 12 home to be cleaned, and he left it to dry for several days. On November 16, Lee managed to activate the iPhone after connecting it to a charger.

The iPhone apparently did not have a passcode, and Lee was able to unlock it to see information such as the last photo taken and contacts. The last content in the Photos application is a video taken at the river where the cellphone was found.

The video was taken on September 4, which indicates that the iPhone 12 had been submerged in the river for three months, as quoted by Apple Insider, Monday (25/12/2023).

Lee has not succeeded in finding the owner of the iPhone . However, he had planned to contact several numbers on the cellphone’s contact list.

The iPhone 12 itself has IP68 certification, which means this cellphone can be immersed under water to a depth of six meters for 30 minutes. However, in some cases iPhones and other waterproof cellphones can last longer in water due to several factors.

Water and dust can be prevented from entering the internal parts of the iPhone with the help of gaskets. So as long as the gasket is not damaged, the iPhone will not be seriously damaged even if it is submerged under water for a long time.

The gasket on an iPhone can be damaged by dropping it, being repeatedly submerged in water, or being exposed to steam. So it’s best not to drown the cellphone on purpose because it’s not certain that the gasket is still in perfect condition.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Officially Released in Indonesia, Here are the Prices and Features

After being released by Apple in September 2023, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is officially available in Indonesia. What is the price and what are the superior features?

One of the Apple Premium Resellers in Indonesia that sells the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is iBox. This premium smart watch comes in three size variants and different strap color choices, namely Ocean Band, Alpine Loop and Trail Loop.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Featured Features

There are a number of superior features that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 has, namely:

Gesture Control Without Touching the Screen

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 supports the double-tap gesture, which allows users to control the watch without touching the screen. This gesture is possible due to the use of the S9 SiP chip which is based on the Apple A15 Bionic.

Tough for Adventure

Apple Watch Ultra 2 is designed to challenge the boundaries of courage and adventure. This watch is suitable for users who like adventure, especially for wearing in the water.

Its ability to withstand water up to a depth of 100 meters means that swimming and diving are no longer an obstacle.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 also has a tough design. Made from strong but still light titanium, this smart watch is impact resistant.

Impressive Battery Life

The long battery life of the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is very beneficial when used on adventures. With up to 72 hours of battery life in low power mode, users can use Apple Watch Ultra 2 to track activities throughout the day, listen to music without worrying about the battery running out while camping or hiking, and use it as a compass or map when you explore new places.

Prices and Promotions

iBox sells the Apple Watch Ultra 2 at IDR 15,999,000. The good news is that there is a promo program which will be held from 9-30 December 2023.

Buyers will get free installment facilities for 1 month. Apart from that, there is a MyEraspace voucher bonus worth IDR 500 thousand.

This promotion can be enjoyed by purchasing at the iBox offline store, online store, and also the iBox Official Store on Shopee. Interested?

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