Using a cheap charger from an unknown manufacturer does have many risks. As experienced by an iPhone 15 Pro Max owner who charged his cellphone using a cheap charger and the cable immediately melted.

This incident was told by Reddit user NoisilyMarvellous. In his post on the iPhone sub-Reddit, NoisilyMarvellous also uploaded a photo of his iPhone 15 Pro Max with the burnt end of the USB-C cable still attached to the port.

“I know that the iPhone 15 Pro Max can get hot, but after using it for a month, my cellphone got so hot when I charged it overnight that it left burn marks on my fingers,” said NoisilyMarvellous, as quoted by BGR, Wednesday (27/12/2023) .

“When I unplugged the charger, part of the plastic melted, leaving burnt marks on the body and the metal part of the USB-C port got stuck in the phone,” he continued.

NoisilyMarvellous also asked other Reddit forum members for help to remove the USB-C part that was stuck on his iPhone. He also asked whether this problem was caused by the charger, cable, or cellphone.

He added that the iPhone 15 Pro Max was not being used when it was being charged. The phone was charged overnight while the owner slept with Optimized Charging enabled.

In his post, the owner of the iPhone 15 Pro Max did not mention the type of charger he used. In a separate comment, NoisilyMarvellous revealed that it used a standard USB-C adapter and cable purchased on Amazon.

IPhone is not a cheap cellphone

This comment was immediately bombarded with hundreds of downvotes from other forum members. Most advise iPhone 15 Pro Max owners to always use an official charger from Apple or at least from a credible third-party company, especially if you can afford an expensive flagship cellphone.

Apple no longer provides adapters in iPhone sales packaging, but still includes an official USB-C/Lightning cable. NoisilyMarvellous admitted that he prefers to use cables purchased on Amazon because they are longer.

In a separate post, NoisilyMarvellous provided an update that he was able to remove the melted part of the cable from the USB-C port. But the inside of the port is burnt and the iPhone 15 Pro Max can no longer be charged using a cable.

Luckily the iPhone 15 Pro Max supports wireless charging. The bad news is that the cost of repairing an iPhone charging port may be expensive, especially without an Apple Care guarantee.